A message from SOK

Hi folks SlightlyOffKey is the Pen name for the writer of The Elliptical Threads and The Wanderer Threads as well as prose, poetry and short stories.  This blog is simply the place holder for the user of  The Threads Project Blog click this link for the blog.  It may contain some things about the writer someday, there is a profile Post below, those of you over from Fictionpress or Fanfiction will think it is familiar.  You can contact SOK by clicking this link: SlightlyOffKey@EllipticalThreads.com

Its fun to write fiction again, I’ve spent the last few years writing prose for fun, engineering consulations and analysis professionally.

It feels good to expand back into dialog, plot and scenes. I really enjoyed it in college, so we’ll see where this leads.

Why the pen name? I like slightly dark stories with a twist and a turn. If I can make myself shed a tear it should be good. I’ve always liked to march to a different drummer and sing Slightly Off Key.

There you have it.

My promise to reviewers, if you leave a comment or review I’ll answer it everytime, it may take me a day if I’m traveling but I’ll answer.


PS: If I write something that makes you angry, horrified, extremely sad, indignent, laughed until you pee yourself or generally pissed you off it was exactly my intention, get over it.

“Young writers will change the world someday, old writers will be envious. It’s a craft, a passion and that which cannot be fulfilled but can be fulfilling.” SOK an old writer

Answers to Questions I received:

Who is my Beta?  Don’t have one I write and edit my own pieces because I prefer to work quickly.  I do appreciate critiques of the work and style though and do take advice as well as criticism well, though I may choose to disagree.

How much do I write a day?  I got this one a lot when I was writing Elliptical Threads.  Professionally and for fun about 10000 words a day, with a 70/30 split.  So fiction, prose and fan fiction gets about 3000 words in any given day.  There are days I don’t write at all just edit.  I publish about 25% of what I write.

Will I write more of the Elliptical Threads?  Probably as few add on pieces I’ve really taken that piece as far as a I could.

Do I write things suggested by reviewers?  Most assuredly if you suggest something or ask me to include something I try to see where they fit in.  If you have a great story line that you want me to write I’ll try to wrap my head around it.

Do I read others work?  I do unless I’m working on a really long piece, Novel length or Novella then I don’t.  I’d steal other people’s ideas.  I don’t read books at that time either just real boring technical things.   It makes me finish what I’m working on.  I will collaborate and critique work when people ask though.